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April 18, 2007


The little girl…who was born in Wabash, Indiana on May 14, 1963 to Jill Elaine Clarkson and James Richard Holmes.

The sister of…some people you’ll hear about if you tune in here much: My older brother Jim who grew up to be a psychologist in Nampa, Idaho. My beauty queen/cheerleader sister, Jackie, who now coaches all that in Nampa, Idaho. My born again baby sister, Raeni, who homeschools 7 kids. And my little brother, Jason, previous president of the Las Vegas Chapter of the International Order of Vampires–and current Craps Dealer at the Monte Carlo Hotel.

A wife…to Tony DiCamillo. Married him Mary 30, 1981, the day after I graduated from Pahrump Valley High School, in Pahrump, Nevada.

A mother…to five kids: Casandra, Savannah, Miranda, Cheyenne, and Tony. Er, LITTLE Tony. (He’s not so little any more.) More about them later–FOR SURE.

A spiritual being…who is on a twisting path, continually seeking better understanding. I strive to strengthen my faith in a higher power (who I call God). I am a believer in Jesus Christ and endeavor to treat people as he did. I believe that we are all on our own path, therefore I am open to discussing your path or mine and why they are crossing at this time.

A motivational speaker…for all of my adult life, I have done motivational speaking. Please email me if you’d like me to come and speak to your group–whatever type of group it is. I travel extensively and am open to private treaty deals. Sometimes I speak for free. Sometimes for a meal. Sometimes for full travel expenses plus fee. Tell me what you need and what you can do and I’ll do what I can.

A writer…who has won over 100 writing awards in a very short period of time. Those have been in nearly every genre and I currently have published in, or am waiting in a queue to be published in, pretty much every genre out there. I have been published on many continents, and read around the world. I am more than willing to help other writers if I can. I aspire to be remembered as one of the best writers of this millenium. It’s a lofty dream, I know, but I say “Dream of being out of this world, traveling beyond the stars, and if you fall short, you may still end up in the heavens.”

An animal lover…who believes in pet owners being responsible, who believes in rescuing those who cannot save themselves (people and animals included here).