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Jennifer DiCamillo is a motivational speaker who often mentors aspiring writers. Born in Wabash, Indiana as Jennifer Holmes, she has two brothers and two sisters. When she was sixteen, her family moved to Pahrump, Nevada, where she graduated and met her husband, Tony.


They had five children (in Las Vegas). They will celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary in 2007. Her family now resides in Missouri, just north of Branson.


President of Missouri Poets and Friends 2005 and 2006, has won over 110 writing awards in the last three or four years, including the publishing contract for her first poetry collection—out of an international field of 1500 poets. That is titled Passing Thoughts  and should be released this summer.


She writes and has received awards and been published in, or is in publishing queues waiting for release, in nearly every genre on the planet.


Her works have appeared in: Grist, Museletter, The Poisoned Pen, Ozarks Magazine, Storyteller Magazine (US), Stride Magazine (UK), Taj Mahal Review (India), The Binnacle (University of Maine Press), True Confessions (Dorchester) and Cup of Comfort for Women in Love (Adams Media, US).


Her debut novel, The Price of Peace, won a CAPA nomination for Best Historical Fiction 2004. Her second award-winning novel, Courting Disaster (Zumaya Publications) and her first poetry collection, Passing Images, (Rain Publishing Inc.) were released in January 2007.


She looks forward to the release of her paranormal mystery anthology with CJ Winters,  Deadknots (Hard Shell Word Factory), and another mystery anthology, Despicado (Under the Moon Press).  And the Big Boys children’s series (Tree Press).  


Other places you can find her award winning works CURRENTLY in: 

Her short science fiction stories can be found in Unbelievable Stories Magazine (Quill-Pen Press). Poetry in Whispers of Inspiration (Sunpiper). Short story in Storyteller Magazine.


Jennifer is always open to invitations to speak to your reading or writing group. She travels extensively and works private treaties. Sometimes she donates her time without any cost at all. So, please contact her.


She is an affiliate to many writing organizations:

Ozarks Writers League

Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc.

Ozark Creative Writers

Sleuth’s Ink

Norman Galaxy of Writers

Texas Pro-panhandlers

Arkansas Ridge Writers

Oklahoma Sharks Writers Guild

Missouri Poets and Friends

Missouri State Poetry Society

National Federation of State Poetry Societies

Meeting the Muse


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter Says:

    Marcia James Sent the COFW loop an email about your website and your author interviews! When my book comes out sometime in July could I be put on your list of interviewees??? The book is Cottonwood Place with the Wild Rose Press. Sandy

  2. Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter Says:

    Can I be put on your list of interviewees? I have 2 books out now and need to get going on some PR! Sandy

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