Talk About Your Wing Dings!

“I booked us tickets on the Homes of the Rich and Famous Tour.”

My daughter-in-law, twit that she is, didn’t think twice about her fabulous vacation “supplement.”

So, we go. I don’t say a word.

This is my view from the bottom of the stairs in the first house we visited.

I’m not in a wheelchair, but I have a bad back and knees. They had no elevator.

Some Rich and Famous people they are! Couldn’t spring for an elevator.

On the upside, my daughter-in-law was exhausted after hopping up that wing ding flight of stairs. Her sweat was priceless!


10 Responses to “Talk About Your Wing Dings!”

  1. sustainabilitea Says:

    Revenge of the creaky! 🙂 Love your last line.


    • Scriptor Obscura Says:

      “Revenge of the creaky!” 😆 That made me laugh! 🙂 I really liked this little story here. Very nice, Jennifer.

  2. Sandra Says:

    This looks like the classic mother and daughter-in-law relationship. Loved it! The M-i-L is so wonderfully acerbic. Something that struck me about this piece was that firstly I thought it was set in the US, (homes of the rich and famous/vacation) then the word ‘twit’ had me thinking it must be England as I’d assumed that was essentially an English expression, and then ‘couldn’t spring for an elevator’ took it back to the States. A really entertaining read.

  3. vbholmesvb holmes Says:

    I can see it now: a glass column running up through the center of the staircase with the elevator inside–just like at a wannabe-a-fancy-hotel motel.

  4. silentlyheardonce Says:

    I can feel the pain, having both bad knees and back. Stairs make me cringe. Yes what kind of rich folks wouldn’t have an elevator with stairs like those. This is very good.

  5. t Says:

    That second to last line was so real – just like something my dad would’ve said!

  6. bnatividad Says:

    No elevator? They must not be that rich or famous, after all! I loved the phrase “twit that she is”. It really conveyed the MIL’s opinion of her DIL.

  7. elmowrites Says:

    Quite the bitch, this mother-in-law. I don’t feel for her at all!

  8. rochellewisoff Says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    I love the mother-in-law in this story. I think she could’ve been portrayed by Bea Arthur. Just saying. Loved the word twit, too. Says everything we need to know about the MIL/DIL relationship.

  9. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) Says:

    Ha, this had me giggling. 🙂

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