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March 13, 2013

The gunshot, muffled, sounded more like a gasp.

No. That was Harold taking his last breath.

It’s the last thing I remember before the funeral. Lilies all over the coffin. Not because Harold gave a damn, but because Lilies are my favorite.


I don’t go out any more. Can’t.

No matter how much I love the city, I simply can’t. Not without Harold.

So, I tend the last of the lilies—of the month, that Harold bought me last Christmas, and think about muffling my own last breath.


Oh, what’s the use?

I know it’s a horrible thought!


This story is prompted by Friday Fictioneers and Rochelle Weisoff-fields WordPress Blog.


Talk About Your Wing Dings!

March 6, 2013

“I booked us tickets on the Homes of the Rich and Famous Tour.”

My daughter-in-law, twit that she is, didn’t think twice about her fabulous vacation “supplement.”

So, we go. I don’t say a word.

This is my view from the bottom of the stairs in the first house we visited.

I’m not in a wheelchair, but I have a bad back and knees. They had no elevator.

Some Rich and Famous people they are! Couldn’t spring for an elevator.

On the upside, my daughter-in-law was exhausted after hopping up that wing ding flight of stairs. Her sweat was priceless!