I called up my friend, Chip, and said, “Dude, you wanted to borrow my convertible caddy? Come on by and pick it up.”

            The last I saw of her was on the Tuesday before Fat Tuesday. He took it to New Orleans, by way of his local supermarket, I guess—judging by the photos of her in impound.

            He gave her some modifications, chopped her top, enjoyed Mardi Gras and got himself arrested, and her impounded.

            I see by the photos, his latest girlfriend was my last girlfriend.

            Needless to say, we’re no longer friends.

            For sale for impound fees.


15 Responses to “SWAG CADILLAC FOR SALE”

  1. jenndicamillo Says:

    The picture to go with this story can be found at the links on the previous post here at this wordpress blog. I hope you’ll follow the links so that you can enjoy the rest of the stories and maybe participate in future. Enjoy writing. Enjoy reading. Yes, the theme of today’s post is Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

  2. silentlyheardonce Says:

    Original and creative.

  3. sustainabilitea Says:

    Welcome, Jenn. That would definitely end even a good friendship! Now the poor car has to start all over!


  4. tedstrutz Says:

    I did… thank you.

  5. carolynpageabc Says:

    A nice trip… crisp and clean.. 😉

  6. David Stewart Says:

    I think we all know a Chip that we should never, ever lend our car to, if only for the sake of the friendship.

  7. Bee Says:

    Nice take on the prompt!

  8. Shirley McCann Says:

    Nice job. Looks like we both went for those pictures on the door.

  9. Björn Rudberg (brudberg) Says:

    Yes that would be a shock indeed. Great write.

  10. bridgesareforburning Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Really liked the way you put the story in a classified ad format. Lots going on here and plenty of great action. Good writing. Ron

  11. train-whistle Says:

    this reader took a ride as your story rolled along. The only thing that stopped me along the way was the two Tuesdays. My suggestion would be change the first to another day of the week or say the week before, but that’s just my two cents worth. Nice job.

  12. billgncs Says:

    too bad about the car, better off without the girl.

  13. rich Says:

    well, i guess he had good intentions. but not all plans work out as intended. well done.

    i think “caddy” need to be capitalized as it’s really a nickname for Cadillac.

    also – “on the Tuesday before Fat Tuesday.” sounds awkward. how about “a week before Fat Tuesday”?

    • jenndicamillo Says:

      Good catch on Caddy needing to be capitalized. As for the Tuesday comment, there were others that noted that too, but I’m a poet and I did the repeat for poetic reasons. Can’t take the poet out of the poet, I guess. Thanks for commenting!

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