Jennifer: Welcome, Mary. Let’s begin by you telling us a bit about your background, where you grew up, where you live, etc.

Mary: Thanks for having me Jennifer. I live in Utah, not far from Salt Lake City. I have been here my entire life. I have 6 children, basically the Brady Bunch. When I married my husband he had three and so did I. We now have 7 grandchildren. And the best part is they live within a couple of miles. Every week we have Papa and Nana night. It’s usually chaos at our house. Big bowl of spaghetti is usually dinner.

I grew up on a large farm, so I’m used to chaos. I’ve wanted to write for as long as I can remember.  My favorite childhood books were Boxcar Children and Harriet the Spy. I’m sure most of you do not remember those.

Jennifer: How do you write? Do you outline? Or fly by the seat of your pants? Do you like silence or rock out to a certain soundtrack?

Mary: I do not do an outline or plot. I tried plotting an entire story. It still isn’t written. It took all the fun out of the writing.

I write by the seat of my pants. I find out what the characters do as I write. I write to my tunes. The louder the better, unfortunately, usually someone is home so I have to tone it down. I do have to have music though, or my muse is gone.

Jennifer: Got anything to brag about? Upcoming releases? Please tell us it’s amazing and give us a short excerpt or something to make us HAVE to go and buy it. What makes it so great?

Mary: I’m not sure it’s great enough to brag about, but I have a new mystery release. Classic Murder: Mr. Romance And it has very good reviews. You can read some here:


Adam enjoys a lifestyle most men only dream of. Then one day he wakes up to find the morning headlines blaring, “Another victim falls prey to Mr. Romance. Who is next?” He suddenly realizes his way of life is not only frivolous, but deadly.

Dubbed Mr. Romance by New York society for his romantic adventures, Adam Fernando Russo loves women. But lately he realizes how lonely it is coming home to an empty house. Can he settle for only one woman? After he makes a list of qualities worthy enough to merit giving up his desirable existence, suddenly recipients of his coveted attention mysteriously fall prey to a murderer. The murders seem unrelated with one exception–all the victims have recently returned from a fabulous weekend rendezvous with Mr. Romance.

Adam’s assistant, Katie Sinclair, knows Adam is innocent with airtight alibis. The police are at a loss so Adam and Katie work together to discover the link between the murders. As luck would have it, their plan to prove the murderer is copying classic Cary Grant movies goes astray just as Adam realizes his perfect woman has been by his side all along.

I don’t know if this makes it great, but the best thing about this book was the research and how much fun I had writing it.

You can buy the ebook at my publisher:

You can buy the ebook and print book at Amazon:

Barnes & Noble:

Jennifer: What are you working on at the moment? Tell us what it is and why you think it’s gonna be a “gotta have” k?

Mary: I finished a contemporary women’s fiction, that’s light and very fun. I’m in the process of adapting it to a screen play. It’s a cross between Bride Wars and 27 Dresses. I’m having a blast with it.

Jennifer: Do you have any suggestions as to what a writer should avoid? Any mistakes you made that you could give us fair warning on?

Mary: I tell anyone who will listen. RESEARCH. I’m not talking information for your book. I’m talking the industry, the organizations you can join, the agents and edits. Find out everything about your genre, which agents represent your genre. And most importantly check out the agent/editors on Predators and Editors

Jennifer: How do you get the name of your next character by what appears in your Alphabet soup or cereal?

Mary: Neither. Once in a great while, the characters and their ideas come in a package deal. That’s how Katie and Adam were with Classic Murder: Mr. Romance. But other times I have to find a name that matches my character and their personality. Then I have The Greatest Baby Name Book Ever which has over 20K names. It helps. When I wrote my first manuscript I swear almost every name started with a ‘J’. Talk about confusing.

Jennifer: Thank you for visiting today, before you go, please let us know where people can find you.

Mary: Thank you for hosting me today. I’ve had a great time. Here are a few places you can find me.


Web site





10 Responses to “MARY MARTINEZ”

  1. jenndicamillo Says:

    Mary, it was a pleasure interviewing you. Thanks!

  2. MarilynMeredith (@MarilynMeredith) Says:

    It’s been so much fun reading these interviews and learning more about everyone. Mary, I’ve been so intrigued by all your interviews and your books. I love being a grandma too, though my grandkids are all grown up and I’m enjoying the great-grands now.

  3. Vivian Zabel Says:

    I write by the seat of my pants, too, Mary. I found trying to outline or plot a book out on paper or on the computer took all the fun away, too.

  4. Beth Anderson Says:

    Mary, one of these days I’d love to hear the story of your own family, how you met your husband, how you integrated the six kids, how old they were and was it Brady Bunch or Kidzilla while they were getting used to each other. In fact, there’s your title. Kidzilla. 😉 That is, only if it was like that at first. Oh, heck, you could make stuff up for that book, but I bet it would still sell. And also, you’re converting a manuscript to a screen play? What’s the story behind that? (See how I am? This is why I can’t write short stories. I always want to know more, more more!) Anyhow, good, interesting blog, I really enjoyed it. I’d just love to know more!

  5. Anne K. Albert Says:

    I’m so envious of you being able to write to music! I’m also very much a pantser, but for my next release I wrote the synopsis first. SO far, it’s working. I’m still discovering some fun stuff that I didn’t know ahead of time. Funny how the process changes, even if it’s only a little, for each book.

    Great blurb and interview! Thank you both. 🙂

  6. Jean Henry Mead Says:

    I’m also a panser who admires your versatility, but anyoine who raises six children is capable of great things. 🙂

  7. Mary Martinez Says:

    Thank you Jennifer for having me, I enjoyed it!

    Thanks everyone for dropping by. Since I started my day job, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to write as I used too. 1. I work a tech support job from home. So I have two computers on my desk, one for work. And for 8 hours I’m tied (literally) to my work one. And then when I’m through the last thing I want to do is sit in my office at my desk. Soooo… I’m struggling to bring back my joy of my office and my time spent with my characters. Meanwhile though I’m having a blast on this tour!

  8. Marja McGraw Says:

    Mary, I really enjoy learning more about you and your books. And you’re writing a screenplay? Awesome!


  9. Jackie King Says:

    Mary and Jennifer, Very interesting interview. Love hearing about how different writers, write.
    Jackie King

  10. Anne K. Albert Says:

    As always, a great interview. Thank you!

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