Jackie King loves books, words, and writing tall tales. She especially enjoys murdering the people she dislikes on paper. King is a full time writer who sometimes teaches writing at Tulsa Community College. Her latest novel, THE INCONVENIENT CORPSE is a traditional mystery. King has also written five novellas as co-author of the Foxy Hens Series. Warm Love on Cold Streets is her latest novella and is included in the anthology THE FOXY HENS MEET A ROMANTIC ADVENTURER. Her only nonfiction book is DEVOTED TO COOKING. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, Oklahoma Writers Federation, and Tulsa Night Writers.

Website: www.jacqking.com

Blog: Cozy Mysteries and Other Madness can be found at:


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 Jennifer Di Camillo interviews Jackie King:

JENN: Tell us about yourself.

JACKIE KING: My name is Jackie King and I’m a full time writer living in Tulsa. Before Statehood, my grandparents drove a wagon down from Arkansas and settled in the part of Oklahoma once called No Man’s Land. Grandpa was in his early twenties and Grandma in her late teens. They brought two small girls, Lena and Delia (my mother). Altogether they reared 10 children. I’ve always been proud of my pioneer roots.

JENN: What do you write?

JACKIE KING: I write mysteries and romance, and have also published one nonfiction book titled DEVOTED TO COOKING. I have five novellas published in a series of anthologies. The first anthology was CHIK~LIT FOR FOXY HENS, and my novella is titled FLIRTING AT FIFTY, and is based on my unexpected divorce.

THE INCONVENIENT CORPSE is a mystery featuring a woman named Grace Cassidy. Her adventure starts when she finds a naked corpse in her B&B bed, finds that she has lost every penny she had in the world, and encounters some zany characters straight from the Mad Hatter’s tea party. A former socialite, she strives to keep her poise even when suspected of murder.

JENN: What does your work space look like?

JACKIE KING: My office looks as if someone set off a bomb in a paper mill. Some folks work best with files and some work best with piles. Unfortunately, I seem to be a “pile” person. Tidiness, alas, has never been one of my virtues. I comfort myself by saying, “If I took the time to clean my office, I’d never get around to writing.” This sounds pompous enough to silence those who might disapprove. And in my own defense, I will say that the rest of my house is reasonably neat. There’s only enough clutter (in my opinion) to make it homey.

JENN: When do you generally write? Do you have a regimen?

JACKIE KING: I do my best work in the morning. However, life sometimes interferes with my schedule and when that happens, I write in the afternoon or in the evening.

JENN: How do you write? Do you outline? Or fly by the seat of your pants? Do you like silence or rock out to a certain soundtrack?

JACKIE KING: I begin a new project by making as many notes as possible, usually on index cards. I keep these in a small box and shuffle through them from time to time. I also keep some ideas in a notebook and some on my computer. In other words, I’m all over the place. I always try to outline and sketch out what I can of my plot, but I seldom follow what I started with. Mostly, I write by the ‘seat of my pants.’

JENN: What is your current Work in Progress?

JACKIE KING: I’m almost finished with the first draft of the second Grace Cassidy mystery, titled SKELETON IN THE CLOSET. Currently I’m in that state of madness where I’m considering murdering all of my characters out of pure frustration. I always go thought this and I know that eventually the story will straighten itself out. I hope to have the book finished by fall 2011.

JENN: Do you have any deep dark secrets you’d like to share? Wanna tell us where you hang your hat or pantyhose or something?

JACKIE KING: Any secrets I’ve had, have probably shown up in one of my stories. There are plenty of things that no one knows about me, but they’re very dull. One of my oddities that I think I’ll give to my character Grace Cassidy, is that I use pig’s Lard for night cream. I do this because I’m allergic to everything else. I’m going to have Grace use it because she’s too broke to buy cosmetics and she can swipe the lard from her boss, Wilbur Wimberly.

JENN: Any final thoughts you have for us?

JACKIE KING: I’d like to thank you, Jennifer, for inviting me to be a guest on your blog.

JENN: Give us links to your websites, blogs, etc.?

JACKIE KING: My website is: www.jacqking.com

Blog: COZY MYSTERIES AND OTHER MADNESS can be found at http://bnbmysteries.blogspot.com

I’m on facebook under the name of Jacqueline King. I’d love it if you would ‘friend’ me.

JENN: Thanks for giving us your fifty cent interview. Come back and see what other authors and readers have to say. Send your friends this way, too. K?


9 Responses to “JACKIE KING”

  1. jenndicamillo Says:

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that works with piles instead of files. Although, I have files in my piles, too. I love the name of your book “The Inconvenient Corpse.”

  2. jenndicamillo Says:

    Oh, yeah…THANKS SO MUCH for letting me interview you, Jackie.

  3. Vivian Zabel Says:

    Jackie is an interesting person. Thanks for sharing her interview with us, Jennifer.

  4. Jackie King Says:

    Jennifer, Thanks so much for hosting me on your blogsite. I appreciate getting to meet your reader friends.

  5. Jackie King Says:

    Vivian, I appreciate you stopping by, I know how busy your days are.

  6. MarilynMeredith (@MarilynMeredith) Says:

    Jackie, I had trouble finding this when it first appeared, but I loved reading the interviews and learning more about you and how you write. Marilyn

  7. Jackie King Says:

    Thanks Marilyn for stopping by. Loved having your comment.

  8. Anne K. Albert Says:

    Loved the comment about killing all the characters off due to a state of pure madness and frustration. Yup. That about sums up a writer’s existence!!

  9. Jackie King Says:

    Oh Anne, I loved your comment.

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