Mystery Writers Coming Soon!

I’m excited to say this blog will be getting updated more soon. I have arranged for a dozen mystery writers to guest blog here in the next couple months, starting at the end of May. So, peek back for some revitalizing information, and to find mystery writers worth checking into.

As you know, my first novel, THE PRICE OF PEACE, is a sword slinging, tongue lashing romantic suspense of epic proportions. Four Hundred and Fifty pages of murder, intrigue, romance and suspense where five clans in Wales struggle against themselves because of one very evil woman.

And then I have DEADKNOTS, a paranormal mystery anthology featuring yours truly and CJ Winters.  That one is just fun. I have a story in there that could have been titled GOPHERS GONE WILD. Gophers have disappeared from the High School, and they’re popping up all over the place. It’s an epidemic. But they’re not the only thing popping up. Ghosts have been seen at the Baxter County Cemetery, and dead bodies all over the county.  Like I said, it’s fun. I really enjoyed writing a light-hearted mystery.

And then I have a couple of new mystery releases coming up. FOUR DEAD is the story of a two detectives struggling to head off a serial killer. With four bodies found in dumpsters in the previous months, time is running out before a fifth body will be found. The killer is too smart for them. That is, until they realize that the female detective, Beth, fits the profile of the victims and her apartment lays right smack in the middle of the other murder victims. Now, with one week to live, Beth wants to fall in love, to live her last moments to the fullest. She’s in love with her partner, but he keeps everything strictly business. So, if she can’t have him, she goes for the next best thing and tricks him into lining up dates with his brothers. Those are very interesting, and make Mike crazy, which forces him to face his real feelings for Beth. And all the while, they are searching for the serial killer during the daytime, suffering through the dating scene in the evenings.

And last, but not least, soon to be released is my own private collection of award-winning mysteries: MENTALLY UNSTABLE. In that, you’ll find everything from cozies to hard boiled mysteries. Some hilarious, some ultra-serious. Some easy to solve, others much more deep. What’s your pleasure?  If mysteries turn you on, you’ll love this anthology!


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