Jennifer DiCamillo’s newest release!

DEADKNOTS, a paranormal mystery anthology, written by Jennifer DiCamillo and CJ Winters has just been released.

The first review is FIVE STAR. *****

The book is available from Hard Shell Word Factory. Check it out!

A collection of short mysteries ranging from the melancholy to the whimsical, Deadknots opens portals into the lives of the Dead, the Undead, and some who don’t know the difference!

A child’s grim discovery is revealed eighty years later in OLD BONES…

Resident ghosts manipulate their way into the local CEMETERY COMPETITION…

A penitent bad guy with a CAT-ITTUDE develops a yen for his psychic charge…

A poignant journey via PYRAMID TRAVEL illuminates more than a decades-old disappearance…

An antebellum ghost fiercely protects her home from extreme modernists in THE HOUSEKEEPER AND PRIMARY COLORS…

Upon witnessing one murder and causing another, the bored ghosts of Sainted Souls Cemetery use their detection talents and a computer to track down the killer in BUSYBODIES AND DEAD DIAMONDS.

A psychic, called to a haunted house to uncover details in a murder case, finds more than anybody expected in WHO DIED IN HERE?…

In BRIDE ROCK a bride left to die on a rock by her groom comes back to rescind her curse on the clan of Finochty castle…

Peopled by banshees and elderly drama-queens and overrun by gophers, BANSHEES OF BAXTER COUNTY is a mind-boggling mix of murder, kidnapping, and romance in the local cemetery.

  • Title: Deadknots
  • Author: C.J. Winters
  • Author Jennifer DiCamillo
  • ISBN-10: 0-7599-4538-1
  • ISBN-13:  978-0-7599-4538-8
  • Publication Date: 2/1/2008
  • Artist: Dirk A. Wolf

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2 Responses to “Jennifer DiCamillo’s newest release!”

  1. Beth Anderson Says:

    My gosh, does that sound interesting and fun! Jen, I’m going to go over to Hard Shell and look it up. The link on here doesn’t work, at least from here. I’m going to Google it, I’ll find it. Nothing escapes me when I go on a real search. 😉

  2. Jean Henry Mead Says:

    Sounds like an intrguing collection.

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