Interview with Jena Galifany

Who are you?

I write under the name of Jena‘ Galifany. My real name is a secret to protect the innocent (no, not me!). Jena’ Galifany was a D&D character that I made up back in the late 70s but I like the name and the personality of the character.

I have a wonderful husband. We have been married for nearly 17 years now and it has been great. He helps me with my writing in that when I get myself into a corner, he usually gives me an idea on how to get out again. He suggested the most romantic moment in ShadowsForge 3: Retaking America. He is an ex-roadie and has given me a lot of direction concerning backstage issues for the ShadowsForge series. How else would I have known how to properly electrocute Jon Wiles, guitarist, in ShadowsForge 2: Trial on Tour?


I have three children and one lovely granddaughter.


What do you write?


I write sweet romance, romantic suspense, and dark romance.


I believe that the bedroom scenes should be left to the reader’s imagination because what I think is the ultimate romantic encounter would not necessarily be what the reader would think. I want to let the reader see in their imagination what they would want to happen between the lovers, so I leave it to the reader.


I write dark romance because I know that every romance does not end happily but it is romance, regardless of the outcome. One of the greatest romances ever penned was “Romeo and Juliet”, but look where it got them!


Where do you live, and what does your workspace look like?

GASP! Don’t look at my workspace. It’s a total disaster that only I know where everything is. I’ve tried to keep it straight but… it’s just not meant to be. =)

I live in NELAC. (Translation: North East Los Angeles County), California. I’ve lived in a lot of small towns all over California but we landed here when I was nine and we got to stay here for (mumble-mumble) years.


When do you generally write? Do you have a regimen?


In terms of actual writing, I work a night job that is fairly mindless and monotonous. I am able to cope with it (for over 5 years now) by writing stories in my head. On the weekends, staying on the same schedule, I write after my family goes to bed, between 11pm and about 6am.


How do you write? Do you outline? Or fly by the seat of your pants? Do you like silence or rock out to a certain soundtrack?


I start out with the ending. I know what I want to happen or a line I want someone to say. I develop the character in my mind, picture how they would look and act, what kind of character would do or say the thing that I want the story to end with. Then I systematically work backward. What would have to happen to make this happen? How would he cause this? What did she do to make him feel that way? Why would two close friends decide to beat the snot out of each other on a moving bus?


Once I answer all those questions all the way back to a beginning, I make an outline of the facts and start in. I like to follow the characters through each step to see what side roads they take me down as well. The outline is not carved in stone by any means.


When I’m at work, I’ve got my headphones on and crank it up to ear bleeding levels. 80s classic rock is the best but sometimes I like to have something a bit more contemporary like Nightwish. I have different songs for each project. Some WIPs have come from a line or flavor from a song. Music is a must for my writing.


Got anything to brag about? (Awards? Upcoming releases?)


ShadowsForge 1: Three Times a Hero was a Reader’s Choice #1 Best Seller at Whiskey Creek Press in August 2006. From then until now, only one month has gone by that at least one installment of the ShadowsForge series has not been in the top 10.


ShadowsForge 3: Retaking America, the third installment of the ShadowsForge series, was release April 1st.

ShadowsForge 4: The Long Way Home will be released November 1st at .


After eighteen years in the making, Her Perfect Man, a dark romantic suspense is available at Chippewa Publishing LLC


I had the honor of placing Third Honorable Mention in a flash fiction competition to raise money for Flash Me Magazine. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners and three Honorable Mentions were published in a special edition titled Flash for Big Cash Anthology available at only until June 15th. Some great flash fiction (besides mine) is included.



I was the April 2007 Spotlight Author at Whiskey Creek Press. I got to write about me!


What are you working on at the moment? Tell us what it is and why you think it’s gonna be a “gotta have” k?


At the moment, I’m in the middle of deciding who gets my full attention. I have several works to choose from.


Day Labor – Mark Langston wants a child. Beth Langston will do anything to make her husband happy. When their efforts fail, Beth vows to find a way to give her husband the child he so badly wants. I have a lot of plot twists in this contemporary… not sure if it qualifies as a romance. We’ll see.


Cole – Two hundred years in the future, when law is upheld depending if it is day or night, strange creatures with feather or leather wings do what they have to for the survival of their species. Cole fights his father, Raven, for the human woman who came in search of her kidnapped friend. If he can keep from loving her, she may survive. Erin swears to rescue Jaycee, who was captured by Raven when they ventured outside after lockdown. Futuristic Dark Romance.


Better Not Tell Her – Julie meets Michael aboard her wedding cruise after deciding to go ahead with the trip even though her groom bowed out at the last minute. By the end of the ten day Caribbean cruise, Julie and Michael know they can never be parted… until their plane lands in Los Angeles and the police arrest Michael to ship him back to Florida to face criminal charges.


ShadowsForge 5: Jon’s Way – Jon Wiles, second guitarist for the British rock band ShadowsForge has some interesting adventures, not the least of which is waking up one morning with a brand new bride.

That’s only a small glimpse of the ideas I have banging around in my head and in my computer. I want to begin a children’s series, tentatively titled Grandma’s Jewelry Box. Each piece of jewelry in the antique box will begin a new and exciting adventure for three children. I am still in the thinking process on that one.


Tell us how to find you and your stuff.


I’m all over the net.

My main site is at


My Yahoo Group is always looking for new members. I have a contest almost every month and don’t send out tons of posts, usually the monthly newsletter and updates when I book a new chat or have an announcement that didn’t make the newsletter. Not a chat site. (Hot picture of Ty Synclair posted to the home page right now, too.)


MySpace: I post a blog here as well.


WCP Author page:


Her Perfect Man:


Video Trailers for the ShadowsForge Series and Her Perfect Man can be found at:


I’d love to hear from readers at jena_galifany @

Believe in Dreams!

ShadowsForge 1: Three Times a Hero – Available NOW!

Watch the promo: 2: Trials on Tour – Available Now


Watch the promo:


ShadowsForge 3: Retaking America – Available Now

Watch the promo:

From Chippewa Publishing LLC: Her Perfect Man – Available Now



2 Responses to “Interview with Jena Galifany”

  1. Steven Says:

    Nice interview, and keep writing!

  2. Jena' Galifany Says:

    Thank you, Steven. I appreciate
    your encouragement!


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