Interview with L.A. Day

Who are you? 

I’m author L.A. Day but I answer to Laura or occasionally to other unflattering names.

 What do you write? 

I write erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave, Cobblestone Press and Twilight Fantasies. My stories always have a dominant, alpha male and usually some paranormal or Sci-Fi elements.

Where do you live, and what does your work space look like?

I live in the southern part of the US. I share my space with a husband a daughter and two dogs. My office could best be described as a disaster area. To get to my desk you often have to step over piles of books and research material. But, I know where everything is and I like it that way.

When do you generally write? Do you have a regimen? 

I work full time so I write when I can which is early mornings and evenings usually. I often get up in the middle of the night to jot down a thought. My husbands swears if I start taking notes during sex, he’s divorcing me. I tell him, I wouldn’t want to bore my
readers! (Slap my hand over my mouth) I didn’t say that.

How do you write? Do you outline? Or fly by the seat of your pants? Do you like silence or rock out to a certain soundtrack? 

I am a seat of the pants kind of girl. I start and let the characters have their way. Often times I have to go back and rewrite because my characters have a change of attitude.

Got anything to brag about? (Awards? Upcoming releases?) 

Alpah male alert!

I have two releases in the month of May. Barbarian Mate releases from Ellora’s Cave on May 2nd. Undercover Pleasure Droid releases from Cobblestone Press on May 25th.

What are you working on at the moment? Tell us what it is and why you think it’s gonna be a “gotta have” k?  

I just finished a Sci-Fi novel of EC title Savage. It is part of the Hunters for Hire continuity series. This is a new EC/CP series and 6 authors myself included, spent months just setting up the Sci-Fi world before we ever began our individual stories. There will be some hot stories in this series.

Currently, I am working on another Sci-Fi tentatively named Alien Possession, Zarius. This is a long story for me 80K. If you’ve read any of my books you know I love an alpha male and Zar is that. He’s delicious and let’s just say he has some impressive attributes that human males don’t possess.

Tell us how to find you and your stuff.  

I’m not hard to find:

Thanks, Jennifer.
Thank you!


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  1. LA Day Says:

    Thanks Jennifer

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