Interview with Marcia James

Who are you?

That’s a deep question!  😉  To avoid going all metaphysical on you, I’ll just say: my pen name is Marcia James, and I’m an advertising copywriter/PR writer who is enjoying the heck out of her new career writing romances – especially the love scenes!

What do you write?

Thanks to my highly developed sense of the absurd, I write comic, R-rated romantic suspense/mystery.

Where do you live, and what does your work space look like? (No address, please. Just generalizations. You know.)

I live in central Ohio, and my office is a sunny room on the second floor of our home. My “writer’s cave” contains a maroon, L-shaped desk (which is so covered with files you can’t tell its color), romantic movie posters (like the one from Ghost), toys to fiddle with (including a vintage slot machine bank) and a sexy screen-saver of a semi-nude man bench-pressing a large barbell with an improbable part of his anatomy.

When do you generally write? Do you have a regimen?

Regimen? LOL! I wish I had one, but I’m not that disciplined. I usually write from mid-morning to early evening – interrupting the flow constantly to check my email. Yes, I’m addicted to email.  ;-(  I start out the writing portion of my day by tweaking the pages I wrote the day before and then writing new pages.

How do you write? Do you outline? Or fly by the seat of your pants? Do you like silence or rock out to a certain soundtrack?

I’m a plot-driven author, so I make notes about future scenes and plot points, but I don’t outline every chapter. I work hard trying to make my characters compelling and three-dimensional, so I’ve been known to fill out character charts on my protagonists. As for music, I can’t listen to any – even instrumental background music – while writing because it gets in the way of my hearing the music in words. That seems like an odd statement, but there really is rhythm and sound in alliteration, pacing, etc.

Got anything to brag about? (Awards? Upcoming releases?)

Before I was published, I finaled in eleven Romance Writers of America chapter contests. My second manuscript, At Her Command, sold to Cerridwen Press, garnered great reviews and was just released in trade paperback. At Her Command is a risqué comedy of errors that explores the premise: “What would happen if the DEA, FBI and Washington, DC police all — unbeknownst to each other — put operatives undercover at the same hedonistic club?” The tiny Chinese Crested hairless dog, who’s a drug-sniffing dog in the book, has been so popular, I use a caricature of it as my author logo.

What are you working on at the moment? Tell us what it is and why you think it’s gonna be a “gotta have” k?

A full of my latest manuscript is with St. Martin’s and Kensington. It’s the debut book in a comic mystery series featuring a sex therapist who amateur sleuths to the endless dismay of her police detective boyfriend. It’s a fun mix of action, humor and sex.

Tell us how to find you and your stuff. (All your website and blog links)

My Web site URL is, and there are excerpts and blurbs from my books on the site.  There are also links to Cerridwen Press and Amazon, for those interested in buying my trade paperback or e-book. The blog on my site is actually a sex advice column “written” by my sex therapist/amateur sleuth character. Readers submit questions to the column, and the answers are tongue-in-cheek (pun intended).


2 Responses to “Interview with Marcia James”

  1. Marcia James Says:

    Hi, Jennifer! Thanks again for interviewing me for your blog! Since we’ve spoken, I’ve attended the American Library Association’s annual conference and signed my book at the Romance Writers of America booth, which was a great experience. I’ve also had my current manuscript requested by Berkley. So June (which is my birth month, and I do celebrate the whole 30 days!) has been great so far! 😉
    — Marcia 😉

  2. Patricia Sargeant Says:

    Great interview, Jennifer and Marcia! I’ve read At Her Command, and it’s a great, fun-loving read with can’t-put-down suspense. I enjoyed every page! I’ve also got my fingers crossed that either St. Martin’s or Kensington will buy your next story, Marcia. Thanks for the great interview!

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