Interview with Beth Wylde

Give us the 411 on yourself. You know, the basic information minus address and phone number.

I write under the name Beth Wylde. I currently live out in the boonies of Virginia with my hubby, my three children, my dog and my muse.


How long have you been a word ho for publishing pimps? (Er, a writer?)

I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. (My imagination is a fun place to visit sometimes when the kids and the hubby have me stressed out) I just decided to pursue getting my work published a little over a year ago. I want to be able to write full time.


Can you give us a brief VIRGIN story? I mean, give us the nitty gritty on your first sale.

I was pregnant with twins when I decided to write seriously and try to get something published. As a result the finished product came out with a strong female lead with a bit of an attitude and a big mouth. (I blame it totally on the hormones!) I did get a few rejections but finally polished up the piece and got it published. Full Moon Madness was the result and I’m still proud of it today. I even have a sequel or two planned.


Everybody’s got a fantasy. What’s your writer’s (wet?) dream?

To be approached by a major agent or publishing house, or both. That would be my big O!


Actors wanna be in pictures. Where do you want to be?

On everyone’s bookshelf in every bookstore in the world. (I know it’s a huge wish but if I’m going to dream I figure I ought to dream BIG! LOL)


Get any bad advice early in your writing career?

Not really. In fact the person the proofreads for me is a godsend and I always try to run new pieces by her for an honest opinion before I submit them. She’s my online beta Goddess! (Pennie r u feeling the luv?)


Word, baby. Get any good directions that you’d like to pass on?

If you really want to get published do your research and your homework and make sure to submit to a reputable company. Don’t give up on the dream.


We need the 420 on where to find you and your stuff. Cough ‘em up!

You can email me at

my website can be found at

check out my yahoo group for hot excerpts and fun author days at

And I finally broke down and joined in on MySpace at

Also I have yahoo IM. Just look for b.wylde


I love to chat online and get emails from readers and other authors. 



Thanks, Beth. It’s always interesting to hear how other writers do things, what’s important to them, and so on. We appreciate you sharing.

-Jennifer DiCamillo



One Response to “Interview with Beth Wylde”

  1. Adriana Kraft Says:

    Great Interview, and nice to see you here!!


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