Interview with Adriana Kraft

Give us the 411 on yourself. You know, the basic information minus address and phone number.

First off, there are two of us: we’re a married couple writing erotic romance under the pen name of Adriana Kraft. If you think “erotic” and “married” don’t go together, read some of our books! We love to spice things up and we write what we love to read: strong women, men who deserve them, hot sex whether m/f, f/f, ménage or more, and believable characters facing the ups and downs of real life (well, except for our paranormal characters!).

How long have you been a word ho for publishing pimps? (Er, a writer?)
Hmm, writing non-fiction all our careers (we teach college when we’re not writing fiction). Writing erotic romance? Probably three years since we started, but it took us a while to polish and submit, see below!
Would you give us a brief VIRGIN story? I mean, give us the nitty gritty on your first sale.
This won’t hurt, did it? Really, it was kind of a quickie: we submitted the first three chapters of Colors of the Night to Silk’s Vault last May thirtieth. June first the publisher emailed us, said she couldn’t put it down, and offered us a contract! It was released a bare three and a half months later! That (and some good reviews) opened doors and now we’re published at three houses with a contract at a fourth, all since last September!
Everybody's got a fantasy. What's your writer's (wet?) dream?
Not gonna tell! For two reasons, actually ~ what’s fantasy today might be reality tomorrow, and whether it is or isn’t, we’d probably want to put it in a book, so we’ll save it for the published page!
 Actors wanna be in pictures. Where do you want to be? 
Sammiched between a happy couple (of whatever gender) having mind-blowing sex! Seriously, 
some authors are good beach reads ~ we wanna be a good bedroom read! We’ve got two genders contributing to everything that goes onto our pages and we’ve heard from readers that both genders like what we write. We want to send you out into fabulous erotic fantasies and bring you back to this reality for some action, and we love what Frost at Two Lips Reviews wrote about Colors of the Night: “I highly recommend this book, although the reader will no doubt want either a partner or a bucket of toys close at hand.” Yeah. We hope our book can be found tossed aside in the heat of the passion it’s engendered. Even on the bedroom floor would be just fine (tho that might be a little hard on the computer)! Being in pictures would be good, too; we think some of our books would make great screen plays for adult films of the both-genders-enjoy type!
Get any bad advice early in your writing career?
Nope, just not enuf GOOD advice! Nobody told us how much time we’d have to spend promoting and getting our name out there, so we’d done pretty much nothing when our first book was released last September. The down side? We’ve had to be real fast learners! The up side? Getting to meet so many helpful authors and readers who support us!
Word, baby. Get any good directions that you'd like to pass on?
Yup! Keep dreaming, believe in your dreams and invest the time effort and money in them that they deserve. They’ll need that to succeed! 
Specifics? Polish your craft, talk with other writers in your genre, enter contests if your submissions aren’t being picked up, get feedback, join writers groups and on-line groups where you can really talk with readers and writers, and never give up!
We need the 420 on where to find you and your stuff. Cough 'em up!
Finding Adriana:

(1) Our website

(2) Our monthly newsletter ~ to sign up, send us an email at adrianak @adriana (without the spaces) and put newsletter in the subject line, and tell us where you saw our info so we can let Carys know what a great job she’s doing!

(3) Our MySpace:   

 Finding Adriana’s stuff:

Cherry Tune-Up; (Available Now from Silk’s Vault )Colors of the Night (Available Now from Silk’s Vault Diary (Available Now from eXtasy ebooks )  Seducing Cat (Coming May 16 2007 to Twilight Fantasies )Atlantis Woman Found (Coming summer 2007 to eXtasy ebooks in the Atlantis Anthology Woman for Zachary (Coming September 19, 2007 to Twilight Fantasies )The Merry Widow (Coming January 2008 to Whiskey Creek Torrid )


2 Responses to “Interview with Adriana Kraft”

  1. Celine Chatllon Says:

    Great interview Adriana! And it’s nice “seeing” you online Jennifer! You’ve been busy since RT I can tell. 😉

    Celine (aka Cindy from STL) 😉

  2. Adriana Kraft Says:

    Thanks, Celine! great to see you here, too!


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