Interview with Lise Fuller

First, give us the basics. Who are you, personally? Got a family? Any deep dark secrets you’d like to share? Wanna tell us wear you hang your hat or pantyhose or something?

Hmmm, let’s see. I’m a woman????? Ha! Got you on that didn’t I! No, seriously, I think I’m rather complex but what woman isn’t? I’d become a fitness nut to some degree and love to point people to my fitness blog ( where I share at least once a week different articles I’ve read or whatever for the average woman.

I also have my story on my website ( where I share my struggle with being overweight and my high cholesterol and what I did about it. As I tell others, if I can do it, so can they. In fact, I’ve slimmed down so much that I felt compelled to compete three times in natural bodybuilding-type contests. And yes, those are pictures of me on my site.

 I have no deep dark secrets–not that I can think of anyway, but I’m married to the love of my life. Years after my first marriage, which was abusive, I found an incredible man–all with the power of prayer. Now, keep in mind my romances are hot so please, I hope no one thinks I’m preaching cause I’m not a huge religious person in that way.

However, one night, after years of being a single parent, I did say this prayer about a possible relationship that I could have had–“God, if this is supposed to work then let it. If not, then please send somebody by cause I’m really lousy at picking out men.” That’s it. Didn’t specify that I wanted someone good looking, rich or anything. So, you guessed it, a few days later this guy shows at my house–which was in the middle of farm country. Couldn’t find it unless someone showed it to you.

Well, I didn’t see the guy–a friend of his was actually there to talk to my daughter. They were a bunch from Ft. Bragg and all 82nd Airborne. On the way back, my husband wanted his friend to set him up with the woman he’d seen.

You see, when he sat at my house, he’d seen this light around me and he knew I was the one. He called me up the next week wanting to take me out. I protested. He was a younger guy–13 years younger and I asked him if he knew. He said yep and wanted to know if I wanted to go dancing.

Then I remember that prayer–decided if this was the man the big guy upstairs sent then I’d better find out. We’ve been together since the fall of 1989, and married for almost 16 years. Besides the older three–which he claims–we have a son of almost 15 years old. It’s a blessing.

 Second, what do you write? And how do you do it? Spill it all. Are you a shower poet? Pet your cat while you type one handed? Get the name of your next character by what appears in your Alphabet soup or cereal?

Mostly I write romantic action./adventure–you know, Raiders of the Lost Ark or Romancing the Stone stuff but with more heat. Definitely more “hands on”, if you know what I mean, especially in the love scenes. I love romance and I love action/adventure. I called it the Star Wars formula–love, angst, action, overcoming evil….  You know.

And so far, most of my heroes are military guys–special forces A-team dudes with heart. Ordinary heroes and heroines put in extraordinary circumstances.

As far as how I get my stories–it’s the weirdest thing, but you know that ether that you’re in sometimes during the early morning when you’re not quite awake but not asleep and you remember everything you dream? These strong scenes will come to me. I see them, hear them, smell and taste them. They’re real to me. Then I know I have something and I start to write.

These people become real to me so when I write and I’m in their head, I AM them to some extent. It’s pretty cool. Like playing in your own movie.

Third, how long have you been writing professionally? Any cool stories about how you got started? Or mistakes you’ve made. Feel free to elaborate. Just paragraph in between, but, by all means, ENTERTAIN US.

Hmmm–well, if you count the play I wrote when I was about 6 called “Love”–then I’ve been writing off and on–er, well for a while. (Hey, if I told you how many years you’d figure out how old I was and we wouldn’t want THAT!) And that play earned me twenty cents, which we got when we put it on for the neighborhood. What a treat! Well, at least for a 6 year old.

Now, I don’t know about cool stories on how I got started, but after I started my first manuscript, we’d moved to St. Thomas for a two year contract I had with the phone company. The summer of after the first year, Hurricane Marilyn hit and destroyed the island. We had no power for months. Like everyone else, we eventually bought a generator which we would run a few hours every evening.

I charged my little laptop (which I’d bought before we left the upper 48 states) on it every night and then would write by the light of the computer screen. I finished this manuscript there and it placed in a contest from a Romance Writer’s of America group in Ohio. I was thrilled. I still have the manuscript and love it. One of my goals is to revise it and send it in. My editor is interested but now that I’m more experienced I want to infused that into it and make it stronger.

Fourth, any cool stories about meeting other writers or industry professionals that have influenced or helped you? We like to hear the silly stuff. Ever stutter at an agent? (I have.) Ever sidestep an editor? Or have a margarita downing contest with one? (Pleading the fifth on that, myself.)

I think the best story I have on that is when Debbie Macomber came to speak to our group and we went to dinner afterwards. She is a delight and so inspiring to anyone who meets her. She even remembers me–my name and all!

We were at the national conference of the Romance Writers of America last year in Atlanta and happened to meet up again at Margaret Mitchell’s house of Gone With The Wind Fame. Our tour guide was an older gentleman and a volunteer who was also a manager of one of the local Barnes & Nobles. He KNEW Debbie’s stuff and she graciously introduced us all to him. It was cool.

Fifth, tell us about your first published work. What was it? When did it come out?


My first published novel was On Danger’s Edge and originally I’d partnership pubbed it, then realized my mistake. It’s finaled in a contest that was overseen by a Cerridwen Press editor, who really liked it and wanted to see the full. After years of scratching and clawing (often necessary in this busines as I’ve come to find out), this was promising. I sent it in and she loved it.


It came out again in e-book December 2005. In January, I found out it was nominated for the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Awards and now it’s out in print and available at any brick and mortar store–just ask for it!  


And probably the best way to tell you about it is to post the blurb on it, so here it is:

Fear be damned… 

Is the code photojournalist Rorie Lindsay lives by. Free of her abusive ex-husband, she celebrates her divorce with a one-night stand then heads to her next photo shoot in the Panamanian jungles, thirsting for adventure. Finally sensing her life is her own, Rorie relishes her autonomy until guerillas take her small troupe captive. Now, in order to survive, she must match wits with the soldier who came to save her—Chief Warrant Officer Tom MacCallum, the same stranger she’d spent one incredible night with.


Tom couldn’t forget the passionate brunette he’d bedded—a vain attempt to assuage his guilt over a comrade’s death. Like his father several years before, Tom had been unable to save his friend. Driven in his Special Forces missions, the failures haunt his private life. Because loved ones die, he’s refused to commit himself to a woman. Still, he longed for something with Rorie. Unable to find her again, he’s encouraged when he sees she’s in the party he’s rescuing—until the rescue effort goes awry and he finds the terrorists hot on their trail. Now, both their lives and their destinies are…

…on danger’s edge.

Got any awards to brag about?

Well, I’ve finalled in several contests and like I said, I’ve been nominated for the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, which I’m honored like crazy to be up for that. But so far I’m hitting these things like Susan Lucci (or Erica Cane from All My Children)–a bridesmaid but never a bride, i.e.–haven’t come in first in a contest yet! But I’m working it.

Still ,the reviews I’ve been getting have been awesome. Got five Hearts from the Romance Studio for Cutting Loose— a fun contemporary, highly sensual romp between Mira Harper, a nerdy zoologist and Gary Staunton, a self-made PR exec who’s an ex-pro ballplayer.

Then I got two Recommended Reads–one from Joyfully Reviewed and the FIRST from Coffee Time Romance–for the first sequel to On Danger’s Edge called Intimate Deceptions. Intimate Deceptions just came out in e-book last November and has also gotten several 5 stars reviews.

I love the one I just got on it from Tammie at Love Romances & More. She said: “When this reader found herself crying over the story’s villain, Ms. Fuller cemented her spot as a “must have” author for a coveted place on an already overflowing bookcase of exceptional authors.” I thought that was pretty cool.

Do you have any dreams as a writer? Go ahead, give us your best fantasy.


My first real dream was to write books that a person can’t put down. I think I’ve done that given the reviews I’ve gotten. Now, I want to write a bestseller. Go figure! I hope that doesn’t sound egotistic because I don’t mean it to be, but hey, it’s my dream.


Oh, and I’d like one of my books to be a major movie! (And yes, as a child I dreamed of big things as well–being the first American woman astronaut for one.)
What are you up to now, writing wise? Got any projects in the works? Please tell us it’s amazing and give us a short excerpt or something to make us HAVE to go and buy it. What makes it so great?


I’m working on the second sequel to On Danger’s Edge (which, by the way, I’m giving part of my proceeds to a charity called The Home Front Cares. It’s a group started by two retired service men to help those families of soldiers deployed in harms way.


Here’s a link if anyone is interested– The first was Intimate Deceptions which, like I mentioned, has gotten some great reviews. This one I’m tentatively calling Night Maneuvers–which is the story of Sergeant Rick Hansen and Tabitha Wellbourne, an old flame of his whom he’d alienated years ago.


Here’s a clip:


    A boom cracked near the window. Rick bolted up, his nude body drenched in sweat. The light flashed. He stood and wiped a hand over his face to get his bearings. It was just the storm. Inhaling, he worked to steady his breathing as he shoved the curtain aside to peer out the windowpanes, reassuring himself he was still in the family getaway between Snowmass and

    In the courtyard to the untended garden outback, someone jumped from the hot tub. Someone naked. The sinewed, willowy body wrapped a towel around herself then stared at the three-quarters length window where he stood.

    It was her. Tabitha. How did she get here? Or was he dreaming?

    The ethereal form stared a moment longer then dashed into the rain.

    Rick shoved the window open and yelled for her but in moments the vision vanished into the mists.

    Cold wind and rain buffeted him. Rick straightened and ran a hand through his hair. He had sworn that was her. But she’d looked so different. Sleek instead of full-figured. Yet, she had to have recognized him. Was it her? Or was he still dreaming?

    He shook his head. His mind played tricks on him again. That had to be it. Damn, the dreams were getting worse. He rubbed his temples. Thank God, his team finally got to rest. He needed a break to recover.

    Closing the window, he eased under the sheets, thinking as his body shivered from the cold. The new housekeeper that had greeted him on his arrival had told him no one else was here. In fact, the only reason the housekeeper had been there was to ready the place for his parents arrival. That’s what she’d said. There was a lot to do. His dad, too busy to rest, had closed the house years ago, but since Rick was stateside for a while, his parents had decided to do a family get-together in a few weeks. So no one else should be there. Yet he’d seen someone—a female, of that he was sure.

    And it wasn’t the housekeeper.

    Uneasy with his thoughts, he decided on the only thing he could. Tomorrow he would search the house and find out for himself. He was too tired to do it now. He needed rest. But he also needed to reassure himself. If the intruder was Tab, he’d want to know why she ran from him. If it was someone else, he wanted to know what the hell the woman was doing here.

    Closing his eyes, he felt his sex harden at the sensual site he’d witnessed. He’d seen the woman’s fully exposed body, the small, darkened patch of hair at the junction of her legs emphasizing her sex. He’d just come back from another mission to
Afghanistan, part of the rotation all the Special Forces teams were taking, even though his team generally worked in
South America. He hadn’t had a woman in a while. Swallowing, he tossed onto his side and shoved a pillow between his knees, hoping to still the need for someone to hold. Unbidden, the memories of taking Tab in his arms, feeling her lush body under his, haunted him. He forced the thoughts away, knowing that after the embarrassment he let her suffer for his ego years ago, he had permanently alienated her.

    Mumbling a curse at the stupidity of his past, he punched the pillow to hollow out a hole then let his head drop against it.

    Soon, he fell into an uneasy slumber, the storm punctuating his nightmares.

 Do you have any tidbits of help for other writers that you’d like to pass along? Please, by all means, inspire us. Point us in the write direction. 

They say to write from your heart. As trite as that’s become, it’s still true.


Even more, be faithful to yourself and your vision, your dream. Don’t let anyone squash that. Yeah, it might get battered sometimes but pick it up, brush it off, and move forward. You’re the only one who can truly kill it–so don’t.


If you love to write–which is the only reason you should be in this business–then write. That’s another thing, though, I think everyone should examine–why they are in the business of writing. Because if it’s to get famous or rich or whatever, you’re just making it hard on yourself.


I’ll throw out another trite saying–Do what you love and the money will follow. Now, I don’t know about the money per se, but I gave up a job making a low six-figures to make measly pennies doing this. Yet, I love my life and I’ve never been happier. And to me, that’s what’s more important.


Do you have any suggestions as to what a writer should avoid? Any mistakes you made that you could give us fair warning on?


First, trust your gut. It won’t lead you astray. Sometimes others will want you to change something in your MS. Hey, examine what they have to say but if you really don’t think you should make the change, then don’t. And standards change. Don’t try to write to someone else’s rules. I find–and I believe this is true–that if you do, then you only become a mediocre writer. Set your pace, set your rules and follow them. Let your voice be heard. If you strive to sound like someone else, guess what? You’ll only be a poor copy. Don’t be original in your voice. It’s yours and yours alone so don’t let anything take it away from you.


Give us links to your websites, blogs, etc.?


K, My official website. Then I have my two blogs — (my fitness one) and (my writing one called Lise Fuller’s Writing Adventures). Then I’m on MySpace at . You can also find me on several Yahoo loops–esp the Cerridwen Press loop ( For other loops/blogs etc, check out the links section of my website!

Thanks for giving us your fifty cent interview. Come back and see what other authors and readers have to say. Send your friends this way, too. K?


Will do, and thanks so much for having me!


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  1. Terry Odell Says:

    Great interview, Lise — being married to a ‘nerdy zoologist’ and being a bit of one myself, I can’t wait to read Cutting Loose. Intimate Deceptions was a great read, and I’m sure Cutting loose is, too.

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