Writers! Make the extra effort!

Holy cow. Think about it. How many writers are out there in the whole wide world? (TONS.)

If an editor/agent/publisher has a choice between you and someone else, what’s gonna make them pick you? Or NOT pick you?

Need a mindset change on this? Check this out:


And get your answers to a couple of questions straight. They will ask you things like:

Do you have anything else to show me, or in the works?

Do you have a marketing plan? What do you intend to do to promote your works?

If you only have one book clutched to your bosom, they will pass you up for someone that has more. Sure, there are SOME one-hit-wonders. But, if you were putting money out there to publish someone, which writer would you get behind?

Two writers have the same writing skill. Their manuscripts are equally appealing. But one writer says “I go to conferences so I can learn more, and get the word out about what I’ve done by purchasing promo cards and placing them in bookstores, libraries and in conference freebie bags.”

It’s a no brainer folks. Writing the book IS the easy part.

You have to get “promo minded.” You have to realize that you’re promoting/selling yourself. If you promote a title, what happens when the next title comes out? You have to promote another title, of course. But, if you have people interested in YOU, they will check in on you, and your blog(s), and whatever else you’re up to–like interviews you do around the world wide web.

Put yourself out there. Look for more opportunities to get your name and web links on lists.


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