Interview with Carys Weldon

What do you write, babe?

Sex. Sex with werewolves. Sex with vampires. Sex with faeries. Um, sex with Robin Hood and his merry men. Sex with some seriously hot men and women. And, uh, sexy poetry, too.

Sexy Poetry?

Uh, yep. I have an ebook of sensual poetry available through Mojocastle Press. It’s titled Caresses Well Done. Warning, though…it isn’t for prudes. The poetry ranges from teasing to vulgar.

Okay. Cool. So, you’d say it’s a turn-on to poetry?

Definitely. Even people who don’t like poetry will find something in there to make them smile.

Let’s back up. Did you say Sex with Robin Hood?

LOL I do takes on fairy tales on occasion that are a little twisted. Like what Rob was like before he met Maid Marion. And the sex with faeries is my spiral on another type of fairytale. I’m a little messed up sometimes. Totally irreverent. People should pray for me.

Your werewolves and vampires are very popular. Anything you’d like to say about those?

It’s erotic romance that men and women both like. Edgy. Street language. The men are dogs, the women are bitches. Everybody’s got mood swings. I hear a lot of couples read them out loud together to spark some fun times and conversation. I wholly encourage that.

Currently, I have 7 titles in the Wanton Werewolf series finished. One or two more to write, at least. If you haven’t checked those out, you might want to put them on your list: Leer (formerly Leader of the Pack), Chaos, Pack City, Jack: In the Pack, Hood, Pack Taboo, Pack Attack. The Pack is Coming is the next one I have to write for that.

I also have more werewolves coming. (Love that pun. Erotica is fun for intendre convo.) Look for the Raven’s Mischief series. Raven’s Mischief, and The Wolf God. (First two books in the series.)

And the vamps? I have a bunch of those coming out. My Dark Lord books are very angsty. The guy is obsessed with finding the love of his life which he has lost due to foul play by the gods. That’s how he got cursed as a vampire in the first place. That storyline is all about teasing you to the max.

I have several vampire titles coming soon, actually. Five, I think. So, watch my website for those. Titles to look for would include: Jule, Josey, Mira Starks, Destra and the Lustpire, and Vampirubus (previously released).

How long have you been writing erotica?

Three years. March 2004, I was asked if I’d like to give it a shot. I wrote 7 books (mostly novellas) in six weeks. The publisher took them all. I didn’t know what they were looking for so my books range from barely vanilla to pretty straight-up (hehe) erotica. I signed my entire list over to Mojocastle this year. That’s 20 some books. 23? So, all those will be released, or re-released asap. I think they’re working on the cover art as hard as they can since some have already been through full edits. Man, I hope they don’t make me go back over them too much more. That’s the part of writing I like least.

What do you like about writing best?

Getting lost in my own little worlds. Being a goddess. Choosing who lives or dies, who gets knocked up against a wall, or just knocked up. Writing is fun. I totally write to entertain myself. I figure, that way the time spent is never wasted.

Writing interviews almost always ask, “Any advice for aspiring writers?”

Yeah. Love your readers. Appreciate them. Realize that you’re nothing if you don’t have those. Never get too busy to talk to them.

But, before you get readers, care enough about your future readers to learn how to write a good story. Word of mouth and networking is what the business is all about–after you write something worth reading, that is.

Anything else you’d like to add today?

Yep. I have blogs.

One at myspace, one at blogspot, one at livejournal. Check ’em out.

And my regular website is:

Thanks for letting me chat here!


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